Winter is coming!

Oxenwood’s outdoor furniture is designed to be durable and maintenance free and so, in contrast, to most other outdoor furniture there is very little that you need to do to prepare your Oxenwood outdoor furniture for winter.

In fact, we love our tables in the winter months as they sit outside clear of any chairs and benches and so the simplicity and beauty of the table design can be seen clearly. Some of our other pieces do need some simple steps to avoid the effects of freeze/thaw on your lovely Oxenwood outdoor furniture.

So what should you be doing?

  1. Your Oxenwood Bluestone tables can be left entirely as they are – they love the winter!
  2. If you have an Oxenwood oak top table we recommend that you cover the table top with one of Oxenwood’s waterproof covers.
  3. Oxenwood’s oak outdoor benches, sofa’s and armchairs should ideally also be covered with Oxenwood’s waterproof covers.
  4. Your Oxenwood rattan furniture should be moved inside, or failing that, moved under cover.
  5. Your Oxenwood Roma Synthetic Rattan Chairs can be left outside over the winter.
  6. Your Oxenwood waterproof cushions should be brought inside over the winter.

So really simple. Our Oxenwood outdoor furniture has been designed to be durable and maintenance free – so these simple steps will ensure that your Oxenwood outdoor furniture feels loved through the winter months and is ready to go in the Spring.

If you are thinking of buying Oxenwood outdoor furniture for next summer we recommend that you speak with us over the winter months so you can be assured that you will have your Oxenwood outdoor furniture for the Spring. Lead times are usually 10 to 12 weeks from the point of order so planning ahead a little bit ensures that you can make the best of a warm Spring with your new Oxenwood outdoor furniture.

We hope you are wrapped up warmly for the winter and the “Beast from the East” stays away!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our furniture please contact me on 01264 730 801 or at

Charlie Alexander

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